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Quality Redefined

What exactly defines a Q12 cabinet?
To fully achieve Q12 eligibility, a cabinet must meet twelve unique standards of quality. Click through to learn more about the twelve fundamental pillars that establish the Q12 qualification:

Carefully Selected Elements

1. Carefully Selected Elements

To ensure the absolute integrity of our product, each element is carefully selected. We start by choosing only “Grade-A” materials and make no compromises along the way.

2. Pro-Touch Techniques

Our Allure and Illume cabinets offer high-end finishes that are as beautiful as they are durable and practical. Fabuwood’s distinctive pro-touch techniques allow for a sustainable and resilient cabinet finish that is not only easy to clean but will retain its beautiful luster for years.

Pro Touch Techniques
Advanced Construction

3. Advanced Construction

Our Allure Dovetail and Illume Threespine® construction methods are superior, innovative, and built for a lifetime of use. Fabuwood offers cabinets of the utmost strength, on par with the highest industry standards. Our attention to detail, coupled with advanced construction techniques, means a long lasting, superior quality cabinet every time.

4. Anti-Warp Structures

All our cabinets are engineered in a way that eliminates warping, ensuring the cabinets hold up against elemental pressures. Crafted to perfection, every detailed component is created with unfailing durability. Each cabinet we produce is held to a high standard, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Anti-Warp Structures
Metal Shelf Clip

5. Metal Shelf Clips

To maintain a maximum level of stability that preserves a shelf’s longevity, these metal shelf clips assure sturdiness and durability. With this feature your, shelves are sure to stand the test of time.

6. Tough Back Builds

For superior structural longevity, the back builds on the Allure and Illume series are built tough and easy to install. Our rigorous pressure testing guarantees that our products won't give in.

Tough Back Builds
Flush Fit

7. Flush Fit

To achieve an attractive appearance that is convenient and practical, our Q12 cabinets are built with a flush fit to ensure smooth surfaces and easy in-and-out access.

8. Unique Interiors

The interior finish of our cabinets is as important as the exterior. Fabuwood offers high end, unique interior finishes for a clean and sophisticated look.

Unique Interiors
One Click Installation

9. One-Click Installation

In addition to our soft-close action feature, the cutting-edge Blum Compact Clip Hinge allows for lightning-fast one-click installation and release.

10. Fluid Full-Extension

Our cabinets are built with smooth full-extension glides to guarantee an enhanced running action that maximizes its storage to full capacity. Fabuwood manufactures its cabinets with Blum’s tandem plus runners and soft-closing technology, utilizing space while also preventing damage and deterioration.

Fluid Full Extension
Ez Level Drawers

11. EZ Level Drawer Fronts

On both framed and frameless products, to achieve an aesthetically graceful balance and ensure proper drawer alignment and function, our cabinets use an effortless system, utilizing a degree of mechanical precision for installing perfectly positioned drawer faces.

12. Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our integrity-defining limited lifetime warranty is our commitment to quality and excellence. The warranty reflects our pledge to always back our cabinets while delivering an immaculate product. With precise crafting techniques, Q12 cabinets are poised for a lifetime of use.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Q12 Trademark of Fabuwood Cabinetry Corp

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